Code 3 Dash Emitter

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  • The Dash Emitter is a versatile traffic signaling unit that can be mounted in a variety of places.
  • The Dash Emitter has a High and Low Priority Preemption System that provides safe traffic management for emergency vehicles travelling through an intersection.
  • At the core is a versatile traffic signaling unit that is fully compatible with all non-coded traffic pre-emption systems to provide right-of-way at non-coded signalized intersections.
  • Current draw is a mere 1.35 amps!

Design Features

  • Crystal controlled accuracy - low current drain: 1.35 amps
  • Active high and active low enable/disable
  • Single wire high/low priority selection
  • Flashback shield and windshield bracket included
  • Bail mount bracket and all hardware included
  • Compatible with all non-coded emitters
  • Compact size will fit above or behind rearview mirror